U.A.T. Negreni-Cluj

Negreni Fair (Fechetău Fair)

Tradiție din Evul Mediu.

În fiecare an, în al doilea weekend din luna octombrie, mii de oameni se adună în localitatea Negreni din județul Cluj, la cel mai mare târg de antichități și nu numai din Transilvania, târg ce iși are originile în Evul Mediu.

Dear fellow citizens and visitors,

Established in 2002, Negreni Commune from Cluj County is undergoing a transformation process meant to change the economic and social life of its inhabitants. The detachment from Ciucea Commune has determined the reorientation of the commune’s development directions by adapting the potentials of the component villages to the economic, social and cultural needs of its inhabitants. From a community with the basic occupation of agriculture, the development tendencies are directed towards the activities of tourism and small industry. The expansion of tourism has succeeded in developing the local economy, compensating the losses registered by the inhabitants of the commune by lowering the market for the sale of animal products. This development trend requires good organization and efficient management, these being one of the major objectives of the local public administration. Aligning the quality of life of the inhabitants of Negreni Commune with the standards encountered in the urban environment in Romania, as well as those held by similar communes from member countries of the European Union, implies an active involvement of the local public administration. Our commune fully understands the objective of the European Union to create convergence and it participates in it through the present actions and the perspectives for the future.

Manea Dorin Constantin



Mayor: Manea Dorin Constantin
Vice-Mayor: Nistor Vlad Daniel
Secretary: Secan Radu
Accountant: Abrudan Ioana Nela


Area: 6500 ha
Built-up-area: 237 ha
Outside-built-up are: 6263 ha
Population: 2429


Ciucea (Cluj County)
Sig (Salaj County)
Bratca (Bihor County)
Bulz (Bihor County)


2429 citizens
1120 households
923 homes
7 schools

Negreni City Hall - Accomplishments

- The tabulation of the public and private domain of the Negreni Commune, activity that took 2 years and has been materialized through H. G. no 488/2010.
- Completing the measurements and drawing up the documentation provided by Law 165/2013; Negreni commune was the first in Cluj County to complete these situations (36,000 lei was the price paid from the local budget, according to the Romanian Government Decision).
- The registration in the cadastral system of the properties from the Negreni Commune area - over 1,000 Property Titles were issued.
- In accordance with art. 36, section 4, lit. e, of Law no. 215/2001 of the local public administration, implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy of the Negreni Commune in the short, medium and long term, horizons 2013-2020-2030.
- In accordance with art. 37, section 7, lit. c, of Law no. 215/2001 of the local public administration, maintaining the status of member of the Negreni Commune, within the Association of Communes of Romania, Cluj County Branch.
- According to the request of the National Transmission Gas Company “Transgaz” S.A. Medias, Negreni Commune endorsed the subversion of the natural gas transport pipeline on the exploitation roads and on the access roads located on the administrative territory of Negreni commune.
- The project “Construction of new D + P + E + 2 M City Hall and the P.S.I. in the village of Negreni, Negreni commune, Cluj county ”
- In accordance with art. 36, section 6, lit. a, of Law no. 215/2001 of the local public administration, we decided to set up and equip the Voluntary Service for Emergency Situations of the Negreni Commune, by hiring the head of the S.V.S.U., renewing the volunteer teams for the interventions within the commune area, in case of necessity.

Tourist attraction

A historic entrance to Cluj County, Negreni Commune has an excellent touristic, folkloric and ethnographic potential that serves as the very gate to the region. Because of its natural excellence and unique traditions handed down from generations that settled the places in early ages, it became the place to visit today. The customs and rituals are the elements of the spiritual continuity of the region and the Negreni Commune. The community has kept and passed on unique customs, social habits, local practices, technologies, and historically significant knowledge through generations.

Wooden church from Bucea – 1791

The wooden church is near the street that connects Cluj-Napoca and Oradea in the middle of the village of Bucea. It’s a masterpiece of wooden architecture in Transylvania, included on the list of historical monuments in Cluj County, with the code LMI 2004: CJ-II-m-B-07539.

Christmas traditions

Among the religious holidays of the year, the Christmas and its traditions bring in the commune a unique charm. Colindatul is a tradition starting early in history, in which a group of children or older people travel from door to door to announce the birth of Jesus. Children of nine to sixteen years of age travel with Steaua, as well as by adolescents that go with Corinda, both of these customs relying on the Christmas traditional specific moments.


`The Fair of Scythes` (marking the start of the season) and the Fall Fair of Negreni, also named `The Fair from Fechetău, represent one of the most spectacular commercial events over the year. Apart from the folkloric manifestations, these fair trades attract sellers from around the entire country as well as tourists that are interested in different fashionable clothing, handcrafting, old furniture, etc.


The commune separated by the waters of Crișul Repede, Ghermin, Neportoc, Valea caselor, and Valea Neagră. If you wish to see breathtaking views, try hiking on Paltiniș hill, to Măgura-Piatra Craiului, or Caprafoi Ponor.